Hear From An Expert On Laser Skin Care

Today, laser skincare or skin resurfacing treatment are the new buzzes; and recently, there have been innovations in this area that promise users that the signs of aging can be reduced with minimal procedures. As you explore laser skincare, you may be wondering whether laser skin tightening is useful and which laser treatment suits you. We have linked with laser skincare professional to share more information about types of lasers and the costs of laser skincare.

Who is Best Suited for Laser Skin Care?

There is a variety of laser treatments, including laser, light device, infrared therapy, and ultrasound therapy, which can be used by almost anyone. All lasers are not the same and are not suitable for all skin issues and types.

What Can Laser Skin Care Treatments Correct?

Using laser skincare treatments can remedy most skin aging concerns and complexion problems. Skin concerns that can be addressed include acne rosacea, fine lines, collagen production, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, skin laxity, broken capillaries, excess fat, acne scars, cellulite, wrinkles, and tattoo removal.

What are the Types of Lasers Available and Which Does What?

The human body can use varied colors of light or wavelengths to re-engage skins cells that are aging and healing skin conditions, and there are several alternatives available for laser skin care. The clinical application of lasers is determined by how the target skin tissue absorbs it, duration of the pulses, peaks of the laser light, and the wavelength. Ablative lasers lightly wound the skin and remove tissue and outer layers. However, the non-ablative or “non-wounding” types do not remove tissue but can treat the tissue under the skin. You can access a variety of ablative and non-ablative devices on the market.

How to Choose the Best Laser Treatment for You?

You can easily become confused, trying to figure which laser skin care treatment is best for you. You need to carefully consider your skincare and do not focus on brand names. To truly benefit from a laser treatment, your needs have to be matched to a specific device. The laser chosen has to be able to penetrate your skin and be absorbed by your body’s cells. Some of my patients are not ideal candidates for the procedures that I have available. It is always best to consult an experienced dermatologist or board-certified skin practitioner to assist you in selecting the best laser skin care regimen for you.

How Often Should You Get Laser Skin Care Treatment?

The skin condition determines the frequency of treatment needed. Also, the laser and light device recommended may require a different number of sessions. The lesser aggressive lasers could require three to five treatments, while you may only need one treatment with the aggressive/ablative lasers.

Are Recovery Times Different Based on the Type of Laser?

The recovery times are different, and this is dependent on the type of procedure. Patients who use ablative treatments tend to have more downtime, which may run up to five to seven days. Whereas, patients who utilize non-ablative lasers may have zero recovery time.